Sunday, 18 January 2015

I meant to do it...honest!

'Its so important to read a pattern properly'

'Read it twice to make sure you understand it'

'Take your time'

These are all things I have said to my friends when teaching them to knit and read patterns and what did I do.... I forgot the basics, I went full steam ahead on my 'Get Fresh' top and miss read the stitch sequence for the stitch pattern of the top.

If I had done it correctly and alternated the order of the yo, k2tog I would have ended up with an almost brick effect like seen here...

But because i didnt alternate the yo, k2tog i ended up with a duagnal line of stitches and to be honest i liked it!

But I didnt like the idea of diagnals all going the same way through out and i liked the idea if undoing even less!! so instead i have used the ssk way of decreasing that means the stitches lean the other way for the next set and this is how i will now continue through out the pattern and i must say im actally pretty pleased with my mistake

its coming along nicely and the rico design cotton is a dream to work with i cant wait to see the finished result!!

Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Sent with love

I am always buying yarn and knitting accessories online, more often that I should really!

And it always puts a smile on my face to receive yummy yarn, but todays delivery was extra special, not because of the item being delivered but the way it was delivered! It was my first order from and it wont be my last, it was the extra touches that did it.

When I opened the package I expected to find the yarn in the bag as usual but it wasnt it was neatly presented in a lovely organza bag, not only did it look nice but it really made me feel that they looked after my purchase! 

And as I pulled it out some sweet treats fell to the floor, it really was a lovely touch and its these small touches that I really do think make a difference and shows they appreciate my custom. And I must say I appreciated the sweets :)

So what am I using this RICO Design essential cotton dk to make? Well its a summer top called Get Fresh By Kirstie Mcleod published in a past edition of Simply Knitting, i am using a different yarn to the one listed as cotton yarns are perfect for summer knits as they are cooling and i think this colour is just perfectly bright and vibrant and with the dark cold weather continuing its loveky to knit warm colours and think of summer.

Here it is .....

Check back soon to see my progress x

Sunday, 4 January 2015

As Pleased As Punch

At the start of last year a taught a few friends to knit, it was great fun teaching them and its amazing to see the lovely things they are now creating. We also set up our own knitting club once a month and in todays meet I had a lovely surprise one of the girls had knitted my owl bag design from KnitNow issue 42!

She has done such an amazing job and its great too see my pattern recreated by someone else, I just need to introduce her to Ravelry now so it can be linked :)
Here it is.....

Monday, 29 December 2014


What a wonderfully amazing christmas, I hope you have all had lovely times with family and friends.

Before I get on to my festive knits and gifts I have some other knitting news, about 4 months ago a wrote about some news I had but wasnt able to share well now i can well actually i  could have done from the 11th but festivities took over. My first published pattern was printed in issue 42 of KnitNow magazine. It was my new year’s resolution to get a pattern published so I have achieved it just in time

Here I am picking up my copy :)

The pattern is one I am really proud of, a cute stylish Owl themed bag here it is before I sent it off to be professionally photographed!

And watch this space there is more to come!!!

On the festive front it was lovely to spend time with family and this year I gave the most hand made gifts I have ever done, the one I am most proud of has to be a crochet heart blanket for my mum to say thank you for the knitted one she gave me last year, other gifts included hot water bottles, a pepper pig, a red car, some angry birds and some hats, here are a few snaps of the items and people receiving them

I also like to make sure i do at least one christmas decoration a year too, unfortunatley one is still work in progress but i was able to complete a christmas wreath, i based it on a pattern and design that can be found here

The pattern is really cleary written and my changes were minimal - the first change i made was to crochet some of the wreath in white as well blue for the snow. I used a sparkly white yarn for the snow balls and snow man so they catch the light and finally added a gold crochet bow and some sequin ribbon to the top rather thab the bunting and here it is....

Now with just a few days left of 2014 its a year i am sad to leave behind, its been a year full of fun and special times including my wedding and first published pattern but i must say I am excited to see what 2015 will bring. Only one things for sure it will include a lot of knitting :) 

happy new year to you all x

Sunday, 28 September 2014

Successful September!

Well on the knitting front it’s been a successful few weeks for me; some of the news I can’t share with you just yet but watch this space and make sure you return in December when all will be revealed!
But on to the news I can share – last year I kicked off planning a stall to raise money for charity, everyone in the stitch and knit group I attend got involved and we had some amazing items to sell. And to date we have made over £1000 for the Leighton Hospital Dermatology unit! How amazing is that! I am so grateful to all the ladies who donated time and materials to make this challenge such a success!
Here we are manning the stall on the day J
Doing this was a great way to use up all the oddments of wool I had and it also give me an excuse to knit items I wouldn’t usually!
I have also been teaching a friend to knit and check out her amazing first project completed, two fantastic cushions in alternate colours!
VERY proud of her!

Monday, 1 September 2014

Free Knitting Pattern Owl Egg Cosy

Owl Egg Cosy
Knitting Pattern


3.75mm Needles

25g ball of double knit wool in brown

Small amount of beige, white, black and yellow double knit wool


Final measurements

8cm high, bottom circumference 16cm


K          Knit

P          Purl

St st      Stocking Stitch

K2tog      Knit the next two stitches together


Cast on 36st in dark brown

Knit 3 rows.

Now work in St st starting with a purl row;

Row 1; P10, follow row 1 on chart, P10.

Row 2; K10, follow row 2 on chart, K10.

Row 3 – 15; continue as above following rows 3-13 on chart

Row 16; K8, K2tog, follow row 14 on chart, K2tog, K8

Row 17; P9, follow row 15 on chart, P9

Row 18; K9, follow row 16 on chart, K9

Row 19 – 21; continue as detailed for previous 2 rows following rows     17-19 on chart.

Row 22; K7, K2tog, follow row 20 on chart, K2tog, K7

Complete the next rows in dark brown;

Row 23; Purl all

Row 24; Knit all

Row 25; Purl all

Cast off.

For the wings – make 2

Cast on 6st

St st 6 rows

Next row; K2tog K2 K2tog

Purl one row

Cast off


To finish – sew top and side seam, sew a wing on each side. Using yellow stitch on a beak.


Boil an egg and enjoy J

Switching the Needles for the Hook

I learnt to crochet at the same time as knitting and although the concepts are similar the method and end results are very different! Its knitting that got me hooked (no pun intended), but I do still often put down the needles and pick up the hook and that's exactly what I did yesterday to make some pots!

Perfect for trinkets, cotton wool buds, sweets . . . anything small basically . . . .unless your feeling ambition and go large!

They are so simple to make and can be made any size you want!

The bottom is made by doing 1 CH stitch and then 6 double crochet in to this. then you keep working in rounds, the first round you DC in to each one, then the second round you DC once in the first and twice in the second and repeat this until the round is done. Then the next round you do two single DC's and then a double DC. and keep going in the pattern increasing the number of single DC's you do until you have the width you want! This is a method used to create a basic disk!

Then to make the sides you do a single DC in to each of the stiches and keep going around until you have the height you want! when you have the height you can do an extra 2 rows so you can fold down the edge - looks pretty then and also helps it keep its shape and ta-dah you have a pot! 

But I didn't totally neglect my needles this weekend . . . .
I added a knitted element to my sisters birthday card! She loves ducks and who wouldn't love a duck holding a balloon :)