Sunday, 28 September 2014

Successful September!

Well on the knitting front it’s been a successful few weeks for me; some of the news I can’t share with you just yet but watch this space and make sure you return in December when all will be revealed!
But on to the news I can share – last year I kicked off planning a stall to raise money for charity, everyone in the stitch and knit group I attend got involved and we had some amazing items to sell. And to date we have made over £1000 for the Leighton Hospital Dermatology unit! How amazing is that! I am so grateful to all the ladies who donated time and materials to make this challenge such a success!
Here we are manning the stall on the day J
Doing this was a great way to use up all the oddments of wool I had and it also give me an excuse to knit items I wouldn’t usually!
I have also been teaching a friend to knit and check out her amazing first project completed, two fantastic cushions in alternate colours!
VERY proud of her!

Monday, 1 September 2014

Free Knitting Pattern Owl Egg Cosy

Owl Egg Cosy
Knitting Pattern


3.75mm Needles

25g ball of double knit wool in brown

Small amount of beige, white, black and yellow double knit wool


Final measurements

8cm high, bottom circumference 16cm


K          Knit

P          Purl

St st      Stocking Stitch

K2tog      Knit the next two stitches together


Cast on 36st in dark brown

Knit 3 rows.

Now work in St st starting with a purl row;

Row 1; P10, follow row 1 on chart, P10.

Row 2; K10, follow row 2 on chart, K10.

Row 3 – 15; continue as above following rows 3-13 on chart

Row 16; K8, K2tog, follow row 14 on chart, K2tog, K8

Row 17; P9, follow row 15 on chart, P9

Row 18; K9, follow row 16 on chart, K9

Row 19 – 21; continue as detailed for previous 2 rows following rows     17-19 on chart.

Row 22; K7, K2tog, follow row 20 on chart, K2tog, K7

Complete the next rows in dark brown;

Row 23; Purl all

Row 24; Knit all

Row 25; Purl all

Cast off.

For the wings – make 2

Cast on 6st

St st 6 rows

Next row; K2tog K2 K2tog

Purl one row

Cast off


To finish – sew top and side seam, sew a wing on each side. Using yellow stitch on a beak.


Boil an egg and enjoy J

Switching the Needles for the Hook

I learnt to crochet at the same time as knitting and although the concepts are similar the method and end results are very different! Its knitting that got me hooked (no pun intended), but I do still often put down the needles and pick up the hook and that's exactly what I did yesterday to make some pots!

Perfect for trinkets, cotton wool buds, sweets . . . anything small basically . . . .unless your feeling ambition and go large!

They are so simple to make and can be made any size you want!

The bottom is made by doing 1 CH stitch and then 6 double crochet in to this. then you keep working in rounds, the first round you DC in to each one, then the second round you DC once in the first and twice in the second and repeat this until the round is done. Then the next round you do two single DC's and then a double DC. and keep going in the pattern increasing the number of single DC's you do until you have the width you want! This is a method used to create a basic disk!

Then to make the sides you do a single DC in to each of the stiches and keep going around until you have the height you want! when you have the height you can do an extra 2 rows so you can fold down the edge - looks pretty then and also helps it keep its shape and ta-dah you have a pot! 

But I didn't totally neglect my needles this weekend . . . .
I added a knitted element to my sisters birthday card! She loves ducks and who wouldn't love a duck holding a balloon :)


Sunday, 10 August 2014

Love Lace . . .

. . .  not so much . . .  well not so much after my latest commission anyway . . . this commission was to purely knit the garment from the pattern provided.

Don't get me wrong lace knitting looks fantastic and in small amounts I enjoy knitting it but this was a scarf . . . a loooong scarf! 

So what is lace knitting - it is basically a combination of knitted stitches that create holes with in the work to create a pattern, these holes are made by doing a combination of stitches such as k2tog and YO; The YO creates the hole by creating the extra stitch so the k2tog is done to ensure the stitch count stays the same.

The great thing about lace knitting is the most simplest stitch pattern can look so complex, the worst thing about lace knitting is you must concentrate, the last thing you want to have to do is undo a row - picking up stitches when the row is made up of k2togs, YO's, ssk's is not fun at all! So that's why when it came to this pattern I only did it when I knew I have time to sit down get stuck and not get distracted, after a while because the pattern was repetitive I was able to remember the stitches and speed up, it took me 10 separate sessions to complete it in the end and if you follow me on Twitter you would have seen the progress . . . here is a couple of snap shots :)

But honestly don't let my moan put you off, lace knitting is always set to impress and there are some lovely patterns out there from edging on a hat or is your feeling adventurous why not knit a whole wedding dress (I cant say that thought ever crossed my mind).

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

The Happiest Day of my Life

Well firstly sorry, it’s been a while since I have blogged but I think I have a pretty good excuse . . .  I got married!!
It was such an amazing day from start to finish we could not have wished for anything better, it was on the 25th May which was the same date the year previous that Ad actually proposed!
The ceremony was in the same church my Grandma got married which made it extra special and we then went on to a venue we fell in love with as soon as we saw it . . . big chandeliers, amazing cocktails and fabulous food . . . how could you not fall in love with it. Here are some of my favourite pictures . . . .
At the Church:
Some shots at the venue:
Cutting the cake:
Our First Dance:
The Perfect Day :)
We also did a video which was played whilst we signed the register, it was a great surprise for our guests and they all loved it! check it out what do you think . . .
We then had an amazing 10 days in Las Vegas . . .
We have now been back a few weeks and although its back to work and normality is slowly taking over I think we are still very much on a high and I think we will be for a good while.
Obviously with all this happening the knitting has had to take a back seat but I was able to get some love themed knits done, stay tuned for the patterns very soon x

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

A Happy Customer

I received a lovely picture the other day from a friend, I had knitted her sister a teddy bear hat for the arrival of her son and here he is wearing it! a perfect fit :)

It is so lovely when you knit something to see it being used.

The pattern is available of Etsy, Craftsy and Ravlery.

Sunday, 9 March 2014

Ladies Funky Stitch Fingerless Gloves

I was messing around one evening when I discovered this stitch pattern . . .

 . . . . and I knew it would be perfect for fingerless gloves, it creates a lovely bounce to the knitting and fantastic detail.

Next was to pick the colours, I wanted to do the edging in one colour and then the bulk of the glove in another, I also wanted to bright block contrasting colour . . . . introducing Sublime extra fine merino wool DK. Shade 0019 Waterleaf and Sirdar Calico Double Knitting. Shade 0726 Spicy

Sirdar Calico Spicy makes a fantastic edge colour and after repeating the stitch pattern a few times I knew I was happy with my choices

When it came to increasing for the thumb I used the inc3 stitch to ensure the increase blended with the pattern and would also fit around the thumb nicely

And ta-dah the left glove was complete!!

The pattern is knitted so that the seam is hidden on the underside rather than being directly on the side and visible so the pattern was then created for the right hand

And I couldn't resist wearing them whilst I typed up the pattern for Etsy, Craftsy and Ravelry :)